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06 January 2010 @ 10:22 am
Ticking Sounds. I Loves 'Em.  
Because I am too lazy to write a blog post today before working on FOREVER, I thought I would instead let some pictures do the talking for me. Pictures = worth 1000 words, so this is a 5,000 word blog post. That's actually how I'm writing FOREVER too. Boy O Boy is Editor Mix Tape going to be thrilled when he gets a file comprised only of 90 photographs of me building snow wolves.

So, earlier this week, Jackson Pearce posted a video talking about how authors really needed laser printers (I am in the video. Spot the Maggie.)(she also has mucho other wise writing advice in it.) so I feel compelled to reply with my own WHAT EVERY WRITER NEEDS post. And here it is.

Every writer needs a:
teapot timer

They come in different styles. I prefer this one, which reminds me of my caffeine addiction.

teapot teapot

They keep you from:

teapot email


teapot blogs

and of course:

teapot space penguin

(don't scratch your head like that. You know, Space Penguin!)

Anyway, go get one. I use them for writing -- while it's ticking, I can't do anything but write! -- and for procrastinating -- while it's ticking, this time, I can't do anything but procrastinate! -- and for word warring with Blood Bunny, my crit partner.

Have I steered you wrong before?

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