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27 September 2010 @ 12:00 pm
So, tomorrow morning I head off on overseas tour for nearly a month. I am almost packed, in a kind of I-have-picked-out-my-jeans sort of way. While overseas I’m going to do my best to post regularly with images of the weird and the Dutch. (Tour schedule is here.) But for now, I’m going to post a different sort of image: the FOREVER cover.

Oh yeah, you heard that right. I am deliriously pleased to be able to share the cover for FOREVER with you guys today. Once again, it was designed by Christopher Stengel (my interview with him here). It’s coming out July 2011, which seems ominously close.

You ready?

As you can see from the cover, I am not the only one who bought tight, dark jeans before my trip to Lithuania. Hola, Sam!

Pre-order links will be up very soon at Amazon and other online retailers but if you’re wanting to pre-order a signed copy from my favorite local indie, you can do that right now. Fountain Bookstore is nice enough to harbor signed copies of all my books at all times and FOREVER will be no exception.

Now, I think this all calls for a contest. I was going to post it in the same post as the cover reveal, but then I realized that would muddy the entries/ comments. So I'm going to hit post right this second, and then post the contest two seconds later.

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